AIC chronology

Date: April 10, 1996
Venue: Brooklyn Academy Of Music
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Opening Bands: None
  1. Nutshell (take 1-complete)
  2. Brother
  3. No Excuses
  4. Sludge Factory (take 1-incomplete)
  5. Sludge Factory (take 2-complete)
  6. Down In a hole (take 1-incomplete)
  7. Down In A hole (take 2-complete)
  8. Angry Chair (Layne also played guitar on this one)
  9. Rooster
  10. Got Me Wrong
  11. Heaven Beside You
  12. Would? (take 1-complete)
  13. Frogs
  14. Over Now<
  15. The Killer is me (new song) Mike plays guitar on this
  16. Nutshell (take 2)
  17. Sludge Factory (take 3-incomplete)
  18. Sludge Factory (take 4-incomplete)
  19. Sludge FActory (take 5-Incomplete)
  20. Angry Chair (take 2-complete)
  21. Would? (take 2-complete)
  22. Frogs (take 2-complete)
  23. The Killer is me (take 2-complete)
  24. Sludge Factory (take 6-complete)
  25. Got me wrong (take 2-incomplete)
  26. Got me wrong (take 3- incomplete)
  27. Got me wrong (take 4-complete)

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