AIC chronology

Date: October ??, 1993
Venue: ??
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Opening Bands: The Poor Boys • Suicidal Tendencies

  1. Nutshell
  2. Junkhead
The band opened their concert with the acoustic track "Nutshell", played behind a large white sheet. The members' spectral shadows only heightened the anticipation. When the band slammed into "Junkhead" and the curtain came down, the audience broke loose. The next two hours were a blur on the edge of the mosh pit as AIC played "God Smack", "Bleed The Freak", "Dirt", "Man In The Box", "What The Hell Have I" and "Hate To Feel". I remember vocalist Layne Staley at the front of the stage during "Dam That River" and "Them Bones", arms outstretched, his thin body shimmering in the spotlight. "Sickman" and "Rooster" were taut highlights of the night. But something was wrong. Near the end of the set, drummer Sean Kinney suddenly smashed his kit and angrily left the stage. The audience, ears still ringing from "We Die Young" and "Angry Chair", waited for him to return. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell pulled several members out of the front-row and held an impromptu soloing competition. New bassist Mike Inez teased the crowd with Ozzy Osbourne bass riffs. Eventually the house lights came up. We spent the bus trip home discussing why "Would?" was not played and the onstage tension between the members.


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