AIC chronology

Date: September 17, 1993
Venue: Tri-Cities Colliseum
Location: Kennewick, Washington
Opening band: My Sisters Machine

  1. Rooster
  2. Godsmack
  3. Junkhead
  4. Angry Chair
  5. Man in the Box
  6. Hate to Feel
  7. Bleed the Freak
  8. It Ain't Like That
  9. Dirt
  10. A Little Bitter
  11. We Die Young
  12. Dam That River
  13. Them Bones
  14. Would?
  15. Sickman

This show was at onetime thought to have occurred on 9/13, but has since been confirmed to have happened on 9/17.

Source Format Complete Length Equipment Best Gen
AMT-01 VHS Yes 69:39 unknown VHS?


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