AIC chronology

Date: August 6, 1993
Venue: Santa Fe Darn
Location: Los Angeles, California
Other bands: Lollapalooza 93

  1. Iron Gland (recording)
  2. Dam That River
  3. Them Bones (w/ Foley from Arrested Development)
  4. Rain When I Die (w/ Adam Jones of Tool)
  5. Would?
  6. Junkhead
  7. Godsmack
  8. Angry Chair
  9. Man In The Box
  10. Sweet Home Alabama (tease)
  11. Hate To Feel
  12. Sickman
  13. Rooster (w/ Maynard from Tool)

Source Format Complete Length Equipment Best Gen Notes
AUD-01 ANA No 55:43 ?? ?? Sickman is cut (tape flip)
Thanks to Robert for setlist info


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